Friday, 30 July 2010

The cool kids and the East End thrift store.

So I put my leg together with some duct tape, jumped on the Hammersmith and City line, had a pint at the Blind Beggar pub where a certain Ronnie Kray blew the brains out of a rival gangster for calling him a poof and hobbled to a cobbled passage where I thought young trendsetters may be grazing. Oh, and also to spend some of my dole money.

A free bar and a chance to rummage through cheap second hand clothes seems to attract the snappy dressers, and last night was no exception. The East End thrift store, just off Mile End Road, was awash with the style conscious, the retro fanciers and the forward thinkers. With a glass of wine in one hand and vintage pieces in the other, the London fashionistas had a chance to pick out a bargain for those long awaited summer days. Check out the guys I spotted as I scanned the rails.

Craig Holloway, a 28 year old tailor, described his look as "Classic English." Looking effortlessly stylish in denim shirt, tailored khaki shorts and espadrilles, teamed with cropped hair and groomed beard, Craig pulls off the 'just out of bed' look with ease. The perfect outfit for weaving in and out of that London traffic.

Luke Ferris, 24 year old manager of the East End thrift store, looked edgy in a classic Ralph Lauren shirt, cut off denim shorts and brown brogues. With his closely shaved back and sides with lip and nose piercings, Luke brought the 70s punk look into 2010. Describing his look as "Johnny Depp in Cry Baby meets dodgy Ralph Lauren," he mirrored the individuality of the Hollywood star.

I love this look. Gene Mcquillan, a 22 year old student, brought the country to the city. Tailored barber jacket, turned up drain pipe jeans and tan deck shoes transform the young lad into pipe smoking gentleman. A simple outfit, but none the less, stood him out from the trend setting crowd.

Simply teaming a red tee with skinny jeans, deck shoes and slanted hat, 25 year old photographer, Kris Myhre, shows us all how to pull off the perfect summer look. Add a distressed leather jacket, handlebar moustache and sailor tattoos, and you have a style hungry, human cannonball lookalike, perusing the thrift store rails.

Conor Fitzgerald, 17 years old, student.
This fresh faced youngster was doing it in soft leathered boots, cut off drain pipe chinos, vintage rock tee and worn denim jacket. Perfectly suiting his slim frame and adding class to a ruffian look, Conor could have stepped off a boyband stage. The swept red hair enhanced his individuality.

With grungy hair, battered boots and baggy grandad top, you could mistake Ed Parmer for an East End vagabond. However, the 18 year old student brings the chic to the hobo. The muted colours work perfectly with his happy disposition and I love how Ed brings confidence to such a dressed down look.

So, this is my mate, Mr Adam Mulhern, a 26 year old Red Bull rep. I thought I'd put him in here because he's got that Klaxon/Drums look going on at the moment. In double denim, which everyone loves (as long as they're contrasting colours) school plimsolls and vintage looking t-shirt, Mr Mulhern has that edgy 'boy next door' look, or as his Mrs calls it, "unclean and unironed." That's love for ya.

Tim Metcalf, 35 years old, lecturer.
I love the NHS specs, buttoned down shirt, old man's brogues and flannel trousers. I reckon Mr Metcalf looks trendier than most of his students. The one thing I hate about English society is that men don't dress like men anymore, but Tim brings back the 50s gentleman. I just wish lads would iron their trousers like him now and again.
So, I woke up this morning and the leg was fucked again, couldn't walk, tried, but couldn't. But when I'm up and running I'll be papping those stylish peeps out there. I might pop down to Walthamstow market or see what's happening in Loughton. So keep reading.
Spare change guv'ner?

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