Sunday, 18 July 2010

A new beginning.

About ten months ago, a lorry with a vendetta decided to try and rip my leg off as I cycled to work through the streets of East London. It upset me a fair bit and for a few months after the incident I was somewhat inconsolable.

Anywho, they caged my leg up for a time and the crying shame was that I had to wear 70s flares as the bones tried to knit back together! And as a lad who likes his clothes, I was livid! Not only had this inconsiderate truck driver took away my Independence (my mum had to wash my backside for a while) he had also taken away my right to wear strides that weren't designed in the BeeGee years.

Well, the cage has now been removed (leaving my pet budgies homeless) and now I have decided to follow a passion of mine that I didn't really do enough of whilst I was trying to make a buck, what people wear and what I think about it.

After a year of looking like John Travolta, I feel that I can make a judgement. And as I have no job to fill my time, I am going to hobble through the streets of London searching for the good, the bad and the ugly. My blog, Style Council in the city, starts here. So as soon as I get enough money, from my £65 a week incapacity benefit, to buy a digital camera, the judgement begins.

So help a hobo out, follow my blog and make your own mind up. Cos London is a great city and I know they'll be some great dressers out there.

Spare change guv'ner?

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