Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Tramp's A Doll.

You've got some nerve, make me live on a curve,
Over the hill again finding the light,
Push me to the floor and say that I'm shite.
Ignore all my messages, making it hard,
Look through my shadow and give me a yard.
Won't touch me at night, won't leave me in the day,
Just grab on my coat tails and get in my way.
You've got some nerve, make me sing the blues,
But when I speak the truth you ain't got a clue.
Ignore all my messages, reading them twice.
Making it impossible just to live my life.
But when it's all said and done,
And you think it's a laugh,
You'll be left cast aside, the only one.
Left in the wilderness, wanting a friend,
While I'm riding high and I'm on the mend.

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