Friday, 24 May 2013

Postcode Wars

There was a small misdemeanor in the back row of the cinema, that went unheard.
She fell to her knees and was willing to please, that unruly bird.
Well known to customers, young boys and middle aged married men,
She sold us her dignity for silver coins, you only need ten.

There was a hell of a melee, round lower Leyton way,
Where a group of pimps took the streets and the lives of two crackhead guys.
They paid the penalty, for mouthing off to the wrong fellas,
Shouting all foreign and supping on Stellas.

There was an unsightly ruckus at the back of the bus, down Chingford Mount.
Four hooded boys, having a brawl, a dirty free for all, with too many lead pipes to count.
Straight from Hall Estate, it was very dark and late,
While one unlucky chap fell to his fate.

There was a hell of a scrap across the London tube map, with all in anarchy and innocents needing to flee.
The place looks bare, nothing to see, just scared faces and an empty scene.

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