Friday, 6 August 2010

Kerry shines in Kilburn.

So I've heard that Thursdays are the new Fridays. And on this note I decided to go and listen to some live music, somewhere. Where did I end up? Kilburn. I'm not a great fan of North West London, I would never choose to go there and have no desire to know anything about the area, but on this lovely August evening I'm glad I went.

I ended up in a pub called the 'North London Tavern'; a traditional English boozer with the customary drunk locals scavenging cigarettes and love struck couples sharing bottles of wine.

Up a set of rickety old stairs and through a wonky old door was an intimate little area where a small group of musicians were tuning their guitars. Youngsters were lounging, candles were flickering and glasses were clinking. It was the perfect surroundings to hear some English rooted folk songs.

And then up she stood, Kerry Leatham, aka the guerrilla busker. In a striped jumper, drain pipe jeans and tied back hair, her shyness, modesty and effortless cool seemed to draw the audience under her spell. Hailing from Colchester, Essex, the 23 year old was showcasing songs from her first album, Stories from the self obsessed, to be released in the UK in September.

A maturity in her songs far beyond her 23 years burst through from the onset. 'Do you fancy me?' an upbeat song, which was featured in TVs 'Greys Anatomy,' cut through the Kilburn darkness. It strips back the barrier that many people put up to protect their insecurities from the world and the real passion in her voice suggested that she had lived through her words.
Another love soaked track 'A Different Light' focuses on an encounter overlooking the rooftops of London. 'And I kissed your lips so tight, and in that moment they were mine,' her songs were full of humility, which is very refreshing in this era of super egos.
'Run Dry' is an emotional song telling a story of love and its shortcomings. 'You squeezed every last morsel of love out of me and left a bitter crusted shell.' With her angelic face, it is difficult not to get involved with her poetic prose.
'Social Structure' addresses the obstacles that have to be hurdled in all our private lives, and how we will 'break down the walls' in order to be with the one we love. 'Are we all anything but normal? Deep down in, deep down inside?'
Kerry Leatham presented a diary of her life through music with clarity and feeling. Each song was delivered with a sparkle in her eye that suggests she will not stop until she has achieved all that she wants to achieve.

Effortlessly switching between acoustic, bass guitar and drums, each song showed off the young singer/songwriters obvious talent. With a hint of Lily Allen and writing ability of Laura Marling, Kerry Leatham is destined to join the long list of successful solo female artists that Britain has produced over the last few years. Currently touring the UK and Ireland, her intensity towards her music, which has been recognised on the other side of the pond, is bound to hit the mainstream.

Spare change guv'ner?

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